Who's Who

Andrew Norman

Anne Cooper

Tel: 0783 702 1726 Tel: 0772 133 8030
Email: ahnorman14@gmail.com Email: anne.cooper9@btinternet.com
Blog: https://connectsaintnics.wordpress.com/  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/andrewhnorman  

Emma Shaw

Children and Families Worker

Timothy Woodford

Director of Music

Tel: 0751 957 2932  
Email: childrenandfamiliesworker@gmail.com Email: timdwoodford@gmail.com
Cath Anderson
Parish Administrator (Tuesday & Friday afternoons)
Jana Phillips
Parish Administrator (Wednesday & Friday mornings)
Tel: 01483 564526 Tel: 01483 564526
Email: parishoffice@saintnics.com Email: parishoffice@saintnics.com

Linda Barnes
Parish Clerk

Email: parishoffice@saintnics.com