If you are looking for a place to have your child Christened, then we would welcome the opportunity to explore how to go about this.

This ancient tradition is a welcome to the world  but it is not only for infants. Anyone can be christened or baptised at any time. DO please just ask to speak with the Rector if you are interested in having a Christening. Generations of Guildfordians have been baptised in this font and it would be our pleasure to include you on the baptism roll.

Parents don’t have to have been christened themselves, nor do you need to be a regular churchgoer.

We can conduct Christenings for those who live in the parish or have another significant connection with Guildford St Nicolas.  Please email Fr Neil for more information.

There is NO FEE for these services.

For more information from the Church of England on Christenings/Baptism, click here.

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